Sushil Reshamwala/
Graphic Designer

I'm a versatile graphic designer with a bachelor's degree in graphic design from the Rochester Institute of Technology. I have over eight years of experience working in print, packaging and new media for a wide variety of companies.

Judgment Day - Full-page Sci Fi Magazine ad for Terry Pratchett's final installment of the Science of Discworld series.
The Wolf Gift - Full-page ad in the LA Times for the Anne Rice novel.
Going Clear - Full-page LA Times ad for Lawrence Wright's non-fiction book on Scientology.
Stephen King - Store display riser for Stephen King's books, advertising Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining.
Inferno - Full-page New York Times ad for Dan Brown's bestseller.
Fifty Shades of Grey - Store display showcasing the movie tie-in books.
Mi mundo adorado - Full-page ad in el Diario for the Spanish translation of Sonia Sotomayor's autobiography.
Personal Identity - A few materials from my personal identity, primarily used to market my freelance services. - The website I designed to promote my freelance services and showcase a few samples of my work.
Stanley B. Greenberg e-invitations - Electronic invitation to promote Stanley B. Greenberg's book, Dispatches from the War Room.
Gov. Martin O'Malley Reception e-invitations - As an electronic piece, this invitation significantly helped reduce costs and save time.
Life at the Bottom book jacket - Book jacket design for Life at the Bottom by John Langone.
ThrillSpy 2010 Poster - The 2010 ThrillSpy film festival poster was designed per the client's request.
ThrillSpy 2009 business card - Business card design for ThrillSpy film festival.
ThrillSpy logo - Logo for ThrillSpy film festival organized and founded by Will Gorham.
One Page Artist logo - Logo for One Page Artist (, a site dedicated to music. - Website design for One Page Artist (, a site dedicated to music.
VidTaggr logo - Logo for VidTaggr (, a site that allows you to tag comments that appear as videos play. - Website design for VidTaggr (, a site that allows you to tag comments that appear as videos play.
SwitchStop logo & ad campaign - Logo and ads for SwitchStop, a product launched by ImagineThat!.
Museum Trail brochure - Brochure providing information on four different museums in Rochester, NY.
Sporked, Inc. logo - Logo for a screenwriter with an unusual fixation on the runcible spoon.
Sporked, Inc. business card - A vertically oriented two-sided business card. The back of the card can be tiled.
Prometheus Hot Sauce ad campaign - A series of print ads for the Habanero pepper sauce, From Prometheus to Man.
Prometheus Hot Sauce logo & packaging - From Prometheus to Man is the mythology-themed concept for a Habanero pepper sauce brand.

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